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Welcome to Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural and Land Management Services' website


The Thunderstone website has been established to accurately reflect the past, present (and future) culture of the Ngunawal people. As with many other Aboriginal cultures, the Ngunawal people passed down traditional knowledge from generation to generation through word of mouth and Dreamtime stories. Through this website and the services we provide, we aim to educate the wider community about the rich history and cultural practices of the local Ngunawal people, as well as impart the importance of preserving and protecting this culture from being lost or destroyed. We all can play a part in ensuring that Ngunawal culture exists for future generations.


"I would like to be able to do some things now that in the long term will be of benefit to the younger generation of Aboriginal people that hopefully will follow in my footsteps and carry on the culture that I hold so dear.

I can only hope that my small contribution can make it just a little easier for them to achieve their goals"  

Ngunawal elder Don Bell (snr) (deceased)


  • "I liked learning about artefacts and their cultural significance.  Amazingly informative, thank you".

    Student from USA

  • "Thank you so much for presenting to our ANU field trip on Saturday.  Many students told me that your presentation and discussion was a highlight of the trip...."


  • "An excellent initiative.  I look forward to more occasions to understand Aboriginal heritage of ACT better".

    Landcare member

  • "Hi Tyronne and family. My name is Gabi and my kids and I participated in the holiday program at the national arboretum on Monday. Just writing to say thank you , we had a great morning and enjoyed hearing and learning a bit about the Ngunawal people. It was nice to meet you and your wife, and great to learn about this web page. It's great and I will now check it regularly to see what you guys have on and happening as the aboriginal history and culture interests me and now my kids a lot.... hope to see u all again one day soon. Again thank you and keep up the great community work".


  • "Very interesting to see Aboriginal heritage presented.  Intriguing approach to learning.  Hands on".

    Student from USA

  • "I really enjoyed the walk and found it most thought provoking and interesting.  It was an eye opener to see how Wally and Tyrone read the signs and helped us to be able to read the clues in the bush and think of the aboriginal custodians who lived there.  I will never walk there again without remembering the walk and the Ngunawal people.  A big thank you to you, John, and to the others for arranging such a worthwhile guided walk.  Perfect!"